Making a print for a photographer is an art in itself. I worked as a black and white and color printer for many years before the arrival of digital technology. 

I was able to bring the knowledge I acquired through many years spent in the darkroom into the "lightroom" ( a computer, a screen and a digital printer ). 

The papers (as well as the printers) have been evolving greatly through the last 10 years and are outstanding in terms of quality and archival properties today. 

Choosing a paper to print an entire exhibit is a creative step in itself. I can help photographers in choosing the one that is best suited to their project.

Make an appointment to come in and consult on the many different papers that I have available. 

Prices vary with size, paper quality and print quantity.  Please feel free to send a request for a precise quote for your project at or by calling (347) 546-0548

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