Hello everyone,

I have been in the business of photography since 1988. After a few months in New York City I was offered a job as a spotter retoucher for the Richard Avedon studio. There I learned everything about high-end treatment of images, from processing negatives to B&W printing and assisting on set as well. In 1996 I started my own business as a color printer. I became fascinated by color photography after I met Nick Waplington at the Avedon studio in 1994. In 1999 I was convinced that the traditional "silver base" photography would end soon. By chance I happen to meet someone in Miami, Vartan Kaisserlyian, who became a top photo retoucher in Paris and is now an instructor at Sorbonne. This is with whom I started learning about photoshop and its infinite possibilities. In 2001  I had the good luck to meet one of the greatest hand retouchers in New York,  Laurent Lemoing.  With his help, I had the privilege to learn how to take skin retouching to the next level. He taught me how to look and how crucial it is to see and evaluate what needs to be done and keep things natural and therefore beautiful. I was then armed with strong skills to strike out on my own. I have worked for numerous clients over the last 20 years.